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Focus on creating quality content that aligns with your customer’s interests, allowing you to naturally attract prospects that you can convert, close, & delight over time.



Empower your sales team to have more productive interactions with buyers and effectively close more qualified leads for your business using inbound methods.

Attraction Recruiting


Enable your talent acquisition team with this inbound recruiting method that measures engagement & nurtures top talent throughout the hiring process. 



Smarketing is alignment of sales and marketing around the same goals and target audiences, increasing efficiency, revenues and ROI.

Here at Jül, we’re all about energy: the energy it takes to move your company from mediocre to mesmerizing for your audience. We use the principles of inbound. We energize your marketing team by creating strategy and planning, educational content and execution help for digital success. We complete the process with sales enablement through sales training, lead nurturing, and creating content to help sales teams succeed. Aligning these two teams and measuring each step is necessary to meet your company’s goals. We also apply these same principles to talent acquisition with our unique Attraction Recruiting service.

Attract Visitors With Relevant Content  |  Nurture Prospects to Convert  |  Improve Your ROI

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Your next customer is learning how to solve their problem online, right now.  Are they learning about potential solutions from you?  

Smarketing, with Jül energizing your team, empowers your business to reach higher profits by attracting highly qualified visitors to your site, converting them to leads, and closing them as sales.

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“I'm really excited for the momentum the Jül team brings. We’re way too busy with our core business to devote the needed energy to it. Before Jül, it felt overwhelming and it really helps to have a third party putting together a strategy and pointing out what we need and when.”

Danielle O.
Sales and Marketing Coordinator at Viking Masek

Manufacturing Company Sees 89% Growth in Qualified Leads: Here's How.

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